Roman's Wings of Hope is a 501c3 nonprofit that I, Staci Pitre, founded in July 2014 after my husband and I lost our son, Roman Matthew Pitre to stillbirth. I was desperate to attach to my son, to never loose him 100% so I set out on a journey I was not ready for, to give HOPE when HOPE seemed lost, yet my own hope was gone. As of January 2017, I closed the doors on operations, unsure of what to do next, where to go, ect... So I focused on my sunshine and rainbow children, myself and my husband to figure out life and what was next. So I give to you the next chapter of Roman's journey, my journey.... I give you a new approach to handling life after loss, I give you the good, the bad the ugly.. Over the course of the next few weeks, I will write out my story, my heartache, my tears, my joy and my journey to HOPE. Pregnancy and Infant loss is one of the hardest journey's anyone can face and my job now is to help in one way that I know how, to walk you through my journey... 

Roman's Wings of Hope

Our Journey Continues


Staci M. Pitre

Founder of Roman's Wings of Hope

Roman's mommy